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Putrefaction 2: Void Walker is a sequel to FPS Putrfaction, released in 2015, offering much more improved and fast-paced gameplay and more lighter action-adventure tone.

This is a demo version of the game, full version is available on Steam Early Access.

After destroying ancient evil in the first game, you were transported to another galaxy and became Void Walker - a warrior, who travels to a different worlds and times in search of the ultimate enemy. Now you must work for mysterious being, searching for clues and blasting through enemy hordes to find the answers.

1) Improved, more fast-paced gameplay
2) Brighter and more colorful game world
3) New weapon and player upgrade systems
4) Three different worlds and time periods to explore
5) New and improved survival mode
6) Different player abilities and perks
7) More expansive and open-ended level design than the first game.

Install instructions

Download 2 parts of archive and extract it


Putrefaction2Demo22b.part1.rar 470 MB
Putrefaction2Demo22b.part2.rar 33 MB


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